Can Stress Cause Weight Loss OR Is It a Myth

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Can stress cause weight loss for real? Read on if you’re actually eager to know how stress can cause weight loss that you can cure.

Weight loss is one’s desire when the person is chubby or fat but it gets worse the minute you realize your weight loss is not intentional but sudden – that’s where most people begin to ask questions like “can stress cause weight loss or is anxiety a cause of sudden weight loss?” and relatable questions.

Stress is indeed a factor that can cause many things for person to make difficulties; stress can cause harm to your health, emotional state, feelings, sleeping conditions, and so many other things.


To get to know whether your weight loss is anxiety or not, you’ve come to the very right place.

We’ve gathered some of the information from doctors and specialists to know more about causes of stress and what we got in back about our research is as if stress leads to weight loss or not, here’s what we found:

Yes, stress can cause weight loss (sudden weight loss) and there’s no doubt in it.


To know more of what stress can do when it comes to weight loss, we’ve made the points that are mentioned below for you to understand everything at ease:

  1. Behaving apprehensively triggers your body’s stress response.
  2. Behaving apprehensively can cause your body to be stress-response hyper stimulated excessively and hyper stimulation can cause belly (stomach) and intestinal problems.
  3. Stress-response hyper stimulation can cause a rise in “nervous energy,” which can cause your body to be dependent on more fuel than it does now.
  4. Sleep disruption can cause a rise in cortisol, and since cortisol is a stress hormone stimulant, it can cause a rise in your body’s stimulation in no time.
  5. Stress-response hyper stimulation reduces the body’s potential and makes it able to absorb and process nutrition from food lesser than it does now.

After knowing that stress can lead a person to lose weight, you can cure it as well – All you have to do is to fight your anxiety, eat well, drink more water, do exercises, sleep well, and talk to your doctor for medications that can make you calm.

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