4 Best Workouts for Weight Loss at Home that Help

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The best workouts for fitness or stamina or muscle gain may be slightly different from those best workouts for weight loss and will need to build into an overall plan of action.

Some will be looking for easy workouts to lose weight and this has to be defined in relation to what is easy for you. For some running a marathon may be seen as easy and may result in some weight loss, however for others a gentile walk every day may be sufficient to ensure some weight loss.

We must each and every one of us look at our capacity for workouts and apply a sensible routine to our capabilities. It is the case that as we get better, lose weight, and become stronger and fitter we can increase the efforts we make.

We always recommend that you consult with your health adviser prior to carrying out an exercise program of any nature.

We are suggesting workout exercises and not a full actual workout program as we feel it would be inappropriate to do so, we must always workout out the levels for ourselves based on what we feel we can achieve.


The keyword “at home” in our title and subtitle means that these exercises are not gym-based exercises but that doesn’t mean that these can be done at home as well; some of the workouts like cycling, swimming, jogging etc. can only be done outdoor if you don’t have a setup of such things at home.

In the same way as we need to look to what is possible for us in terms of physical abilities the same applies to working out at home or a gym.

A gym may seem the optimum place for best workouts for weight loss however for some that may just not be the case.

A gym can be expensive and for some quite intimidating, if you are obese and need to start slow then perhaps the cost of a gym is not the best use of your financial resources. The best weight loss workouts are those that you can easily achieve and continue to build on. For some that may be a gentle walk each day and as we lose weight and gain fitness we can build this up and get to the point where a gym makes sense.

  1. Cardio Exercises:

So let’s put the music on and let’s dance, silly, not at all will dancing help you raise your metabolism and provide a strong cardio workout.

Do some stretches and warm up those muscles then some good deep breathing.

Once we are loose and breathing well we can start to dance about, get your body moving and rocking and rolling. This can build up a good sweat and get you out of breath. Just take rest when you feel like it but see if you can dance about for an hour.

Is this one of the best workouts for weight loss, yes, it’s a great starting point.

  1. No-Excuse-On-Cost-And-Resources Exercises:

These are the exercises you can do without making excuses of lack in money or resources in making your exercises work.

Walking a few miles every other day can lose as much as 2000 calories in a week, certainly a gentile 3/4 miles walk will get 1000 calories a power walk will double up.

Walking is an easy workout to lose weight, again those with issues such as obesity will find this a great place to start. As it is low intensity there is no pressure on your knees, it will allow you to start taking pressure off your knees as you lose weight safely. Try to get up to a 15 minute a mile pace with a four mile walk. This type of walk 4 times a week should see you lose 1 to 2 lbs a week.

  1. Swimming:

Swimming is the best workout for weight loss out of many, but most people overlook this idea for not a single good reason.

We do need to go to the swimming pool and there is some cost but it is worth it. An hour of gentle swimming can lose 200 calories and as you get better and push it a bit you can lose 500 or more in an hour.

Swimming will also help to provide some tone and work those muscles not getting any workout with walking etc. The swimmer will work abdominal, arms legs and back muscles.

It will compliment walking and may be used to mix up your weekly program giving some variety and is without doubt one of the best workouts for weight loss.

  1. Bicycling:

You can really burn the calories on a bicycle 300 to 1000 per hour depending on terrain and how hard you are pushing it.

I always feel that if you can then outdoor cycling is best with natural changes in the difficulty and speed etc. In no time you can be doing a few miles.

Many parks provide routes and circuits making this one of the best workouts for weight loss.


This is easy: the best workout for weight loss fast is the one which you can do on a daily basis to ensure you raise your body’s metabolism and burn more calories than you consume.

Again, we must consider what the best workout for weight loss is for our circumstances, if it is walking then walk every day and walk more and more each day until this can become a jog.

We all know that muscles burn fat faster so we do want to put on some muscle and there may be a time even with walking when it seems that you are not losing as much as at first or even show a little gain, this could be the buildup of muscle so you must monitor progress and ensure you build steadily.

Following the advice above, consult your medical adviser and plan to build a steady but sure routine for best workouts that help lose weight. The best workouts for weight loss are those we continue to do and thus continue to lose weight.

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